SGV-CAMFT Chapter Bylaws

Dear SGV-CAMFT Members,

All non-profit organizations have bylaws as their governing document. As a best practice of non-profits, it is important to review this document for accuracy and to update it as business adapts to the current environment. In 2024, our chapter took on a review and ultimately revision process for our governing document. The Bylaws committee met with the board and identified several areas that needed to be updated. They are as follows:

  1. Clarify confusing language.
  2. Integrate 2 documents that were only in hard copy (paper) form into a digitized version that could be easily accessible for our members.
  3. Update procedures to include electronic communications.
  4. Replace the term Intern with Registered Associate
  5. Align governing document with more up-to-date language around conflicts of interest.

Two additional changes were suggested to be made as well:

  • A change from 10 to 15 board members allowed was more in-line with the number of individuals identified as ideal for the functioning of the chapter the way it runs now. In addition, an odd number helps with tie breakers on votes.
  • Adding a Community Partner category of non-voting membership allows us to create more community visibility. It also provides opportunities for our profession and members to get recognition and educate businesses and associations about our field.

The process of review and revision were as follows:

  1. A board directive to review the bylaws was given.
  2. A Bylaw Review committee was formed and met.
  3. Calls for participation from the general membership to participate or ask questions in revision meetings were extended.
  4. Two revision meetings were held with board members in attendance. No general members answered the calls for participation.
  5. The Bylaws revision committee took the recommendations from the meetings and made changes that aligned with these recommendations.
  6. The document with given back to the board to review. No changes were suggested.
  7. Bylaws were sent to CAMFT for compliance review and any legal or other suggestions. No significant suggestions were made, and the document was found to align with CAMFT policy.
  8. Final presentation to the board was made and the revised bylaws were ready to go to the membership on whole to ratify.

This process was long and delayed in getting ratified due to the pandemic in early 2020 which shifted our needs in more immediate directions. We are grateful to all who participated in this important work.

The next part is in your hands! Please vote. Thank you!

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