Tips and Resources to Help Navigate Changes in the MFT Exams

Tue, April 05, 2016 10:00 AM | Deleted user

By Casey Meinster

1.  Become familiar with Board of Behavioral Science (BBS) website. There are three different brief videos, as well as many other resources outlining how the changes in exams will impact you.  Visit

2. If you are not getting answers from the BBS around whether or not you are approved to take one or both of the exams, bypass the BBS and call the PSI test center directly and ask "am I eligible to take the exam". (Make sure your check was cashed first) Call PSI at 877-392-6422.

3. Utilize test prep companies that offer a variety of services, including study materials, courses, and access to professionals who can help interpret the changes as they relate to your situation. Consider Gerry Grossman Seminars, Association for Advanced Training in the Behavioral Sciences, or The Therapist Development Center.    

4.  Visit this website and download a FREE printable PDF outlining the new 2016 California laws impacting MFTs including information on the exam restructure and experience restructure.  Visit

5. Utilize CAMFT resources to ask questions and network with others who are navigating the same process as you. Visit for the calendar of events and contact information for board members.

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