Having Our Voices Heard at CAMFT

Tue, April 14, 2015 3:54 PM | Deleted user

by Gerry Fagoaga, MFT, past president

SGV-CAMFT members and members from other local chapters have fought hard in the past two years to have more of a say in the decisions CAMFT makes at the state level that affect all members. Emerging from that effort are some first opportunities to do so! Here is a brief summary to keep you abreast of the action and encourage your active participation in the ongoing process. Join us to ensure that San Gabriel Valley Chapter continues to play a leading role.

Parity For LMFTs

CAMFT has been involved in an extensive campaign to remove the onerous requirement that an LMFT hired by the VA must be a graduate of a COAMFTE-accredited school. 95% of California LMFTs are not graduates of COAMFTE; consequently few LMFTs are eligible for employment in California Veterans Affairs facilities.

CAMFT has prepared an email calling on Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary McDonald to remove the onerous requirement. You can add your name to the effort and send a customized version of that email using tools on the CAMFT Website. Hurry - emails must be sent by April 17!

CAMFT Seeks Your Opinion On Legislative Matters

The CAMFT Board of Directors would like your input as they discuss two controversial pieces of legislation:

Please take a few moments to answer the four questions about these bills on Survey Monkey.

CAMFT: A Conversation About The Future

The CAMFT Board of Directors would like your input on several issues relating to organizational governance:

  • Dually Licensed Board Members
  • Electronic Voting
  • Pre-Licensed Board Representation
  • Pre-Licensed Voting Rights

Read A Conversation About the Future in the January/February issue of The Therapist. Then, share your thoughts online in the CAMFT Community by April 30.

Become Part of the CAMFT Community

The CAMFT Community is a private, online, networking tool available to all members. It enables you to connect and communicate about current issues through various groups and forums. Those unfamiliar with the CAMFT Community may obtain assistance by contacting CAMFT at 888 892-2638.

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