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Reach Our Unique Audience...

Therapists and other Mental Health Care Professionals in the San Gabriel Valley

San Gabriel Valley CAMFT has a readership of approximately 2,000 mental health care practitioners in the region. Few other advertising mediums can deliver messages to this highly specialized audience.

Consumers of Mental Health Services
(the general public)

The San Gabriel Valley Therapist Finder offers search tools to help practitioners and the public find help for themselves or a loved one.

Where will my ad appear?

Ads appear on our Website, in our newsletter and in our event-announcement e-mails.


Display ads appear on numerous pages throughout the Website. Event listing ads appear on our home page and in our various Calendar pages.

Newsletters and Event Announcements

SGV-CAMFT's Newsletter is delivered by email to approximately 2,000 recipients. The Newsletter is published monthly and includes event announcements. 

Ad Formats and Options

Ad formats are defined as follows. Actual ad sizes vary to fit their position on Web pages and in mailers.

Basic Ad

A text-based ad with a title of up to approximately 10 words or two lines, and copy of one or two paragraphs, totaling approximately 100 words or less.

Enhanced Ad

Everything in a basic ad, plus a photograph or other graphical element, and up to a total of approximately 300 words.


Calendar of Events Listing

If your ad is for a dated event, we will incorporate it into our calendar of events at no extra charge.

Design Support

We have partners that can work with you to create your camera ready art for the Enhanced Ad. Feel free to use one of them or your own design professional to make your advertisement shine.

Requirements and Restrictions

These Requirements and Restrictions are seldom invoked and will not affect the vast majority of advertisers. We state them here to protect the quality and integrity of our publications.


SGV-CAMFT reserves the right to refuse advertising from any party. We may edit your content for style, clarity and/or brevity. Objectionable content will not be accepted. Objectionable content includes, but is not limited to:

  • Products or services incompatible with best practices in therapy
  • Lewd or offensive language

SGV-CAMFT reserves the right to accept advertisements offering similar services.


Graphics and other design elements must be reasonably tasteful, not intrusive or garish. SGV-CAMFT reserves the right to refuse or modify objectionable design elements. While this calls for a subjective assessment on our part, approval will not be unreasonably withheld. Contact us to discuss your design preferences. Objectionable design elements include, but are not limited to:

  • Garish or overwhelming colors or patterns
  • Lewd or offensive graphics
  • Blinking text or graphics
  • Animated graphics
  • Sounds of any kind

When you're ready to proceed...

SGV-CAMFT  will be happy to discuss your advertisement with you and help you through the decision process. You may reach us by email . We'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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San Gabriel Valley CAMFT
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